Poetry Recovery Support

When I was…

By Corey Ferreira

I’m done being the scandal of my family

I’m done facing a mirror I can’t stand to see

I’m done with excuses that I’m rambling

I’m done having a problem I’m not handling

I’m done being addicted, mood and mind altered and shifted

Wasting gifts I’ve been gifted just to go and get lifted

Getting my shit together has drifted so far

From where I was at when all this got started

I’m done being a criminal; selfish, violent and rude

I’m done being a liar, to myself I’m untrue

I’m done with never feeling any gratitude

Looks like it’s time for a change in me and my attitude

I’m done being the maker of my own hell

I’m done being on the run from my own self

I’m done hitting licks and wondering who’ll tell

I’m done going in and out of the same jail

I’m done wasting stacks on crack sacks and blow packs

Running out of money

Looking stupid and still I go back

Naw, I could be living better and I know that

Looks like it’s time for me to show that I’m done

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