Thousands of people living in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) call Washtenaw County home. Members of a thriving and vibrant recovery community, people in recovery are our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

Having such a large community of people with shared lived-experience helps inspire others still struggling, providing hope for positive change. As a larger community, we can support individuals in recovery and show people still struggling that their community cares.

One of the ways we can carry this message of hope is by asking our local businesses and employers to support their employees who are in recovery from SUD. Supporting our co-workers in recovery has positive effects for not only the employee, but the employer as well. Creating a supportive environment can lead to increased productivity, engaged employees, less absenteeism and turn over, more community connection, and increased customer loyalty.

We hope this toolkit can be used as a guide to help your organization support employees in recovery, as well as those who may be struggling with SUD. We thank you for your commitment to the recovery community here in Washtenaw County!