Our mission is to advocate for those affected by substance use disorder to policy makers at all levels of government, open doors and break down barriers to recovery by promoting multiple pathways, reduce the stigma associated with addiction through the engagement and education of our communities about the truth behind substance use disorder, in turn changing the face of addiction to one of recovery.


Peer Recovery Coaches assist individuals in enhancing recovery support structure, linkage to recovery support groups, and providing assistance in overcoming barriers. Our recovery coaches consist of paid staff and volunteers who are in recovery. With extensive training and support, our recovery coaches provide individuals with guidance, mentoring and support through the recovery process.


We envision a world free from the stigma of addiction. A world where substance use disorder and those affected by substance use disorder are accepted, understood, appreciated, and loved by their communities. By educating our communities and lifting stories of recovery, we can provide hope for those still struggling.


Washtenaw county is fortunate to have a strong recovery community. We host events to bring the recovery community together and show everyone what faces of recovery look like.

“Building strong recovery community organizations is one way to break feelings of isolation and shame, build strong relationships, and advocate for the solutions that we know work.”

Faces and Voices of Recovery