A Story of Recovery Pathways to Recovery Recover Out Loud.

Hello, my name is Stephen M.

I started using alcohol at 13 and I knew right away, that the way it made me feel, was the way I wanted to feel every day for the rest of my life.  I knew the escape from the reality I was living, was one that I craved. I decided to chase that “high” instead of concentrating on studies. It was only a few short years after that, I was a high school dropout. By the time I was 16, I was drinking daily.  The 1st ten years after my 18th birthday, I had managed to hold the same job, although there were 2 trips to treatment scattered in there. I had 2 baby boys, bought a house, the whole American Dream. It was Oct of 2008 and I had gotten laid off. I had already lost the kids, the house, the car, etc… My drinking and drug use was all I had.  Somehow, no matter the circumstance, I managed to be able to at least get wasted most every day.  Fast forward 12 years to 2020, having gone through turmoil, pain, and suffering for all of said time, I had a moment of clarity.  I knew that I didn’t want to wake up puking and shaking uncontrollably every morning, and I knew that the only way for that to happen was to go to treatment. Again! So I called my Brother, who had 7 years in recovery at the time, and told him I was ready to finally go.  Having been to treatment 8 other times, I knew what to expect.  But I also knew that I had to do something different.  Obviously doing what I had been doing wasn’t working, so I hunkered down, took notes, and got really honest with myself and others.  All said, I was in treatment for 22 days and was ready for “the world”.  Unfortunately, one thing I didn’t change this time was my living situation. I went back to the same old place, bound to do the same old things. Then God intervened and my brother bought a house and allowed me to stay with him until I could get on my feet.  It was less than a week and I was living in an apartment in recovery housing, attending meetings, working, and turning things around.  During this process, I met the absolute love of my life, whom I share my road to recovery with.  All of this, and it was DURING the pandemic!  Today, my life is really good. I have 2.5 years in recovery and counting.  I’m currently engaged to said love of my life, have the most beautiful baby boy, and wouldn’t ya know it? We just bought a home!  None of this is possible without getting and staying in recovery!  Today, I ask for help, and accept it.  Today, drugs and alcohol do not run my thoughts and life.  Today, I choose recovery…

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