Strength Driven By Pain

As I use to stare from my withdrawn eyes, I could not find any reason to want to live or feel anything through my lonely cries.

I got knocked down only to get back up stronger then I’ve ever been before.

I am living proof that

survivals a must, I have a purpose in

this world it’s to spread my message

to never give up through faith and trust.

The hand I was dealt was given to me because l have been able to overcome more then most people could possibly ever imagine, but understand hell is on earth and people sin, but forgiveness and second chances will give you the

tools to win, keep your head up high

and let your smile show, It’s time to man up and take control.

My decision is I am going to be the best father for my children to see,

seeing is believing so here I am this is my life I am focused and ready to go,

so bring on the next challenge I’ll continue grow.


As long as I keep the happy

memories alive, there is always the

chance that I will beat the

odds and continue to strive, forever

and always till the end of time.

I will never be able to change my past, but the past is the past and I’m living for today because it’s all that’s promised.

Make the best of anything and

everything you have because life is

beautiful if you decide to do what’s


Please listen to what I’m saying

and I promise you this, happiness

comes from within, don’t be greedy or spiteful be grateful for your life and take a risk, you only live once so grab the wheel of fortune and give it a spin.

Put it like this, keep it simple and instead of always talking try and listen to someone else’s pain, because you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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